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MONOPOLY ARTWORK - Life is Patmos Edition - 2020

Artwork based on the look and feel of a pre-1970s Monopoly board
Your favorite Patmos island on a Monopoly board!
"Go to jail" becomes "Leave the island"
"In jail" becomes "In the ferry" - Nooooo!
"Free parking" becomes "Free Gyros"
"Chance" becomes "Ask octopus"
And so on !
Each square of the board has been redesigned to correspond to a place, a beach or an experience lived on the island of Patmos!

✍ The posters are numbered and printed in France or Greece !
55x55 cm formats

Printed on 210gsm coated paper.
You can have them delivered worldwide.
No. It's an art print. Not a game.

Is it legal? - Yes.

What about Copyright? - Copyright does offer intellectual property protection, but Copyright is geared toward literary and artistic works, such as books and videos.

What about Trademark? - A trademark DOES protect items that help define a company brand. Hasbro's trademark relates to a Property Trading Board Game, not an art print.

We at Life is Patmos do not produce a game, we produce an Art Print, which does not violate the Trademark detailing as described in the "Goods and Services" sections, as last renewed in 2015.
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